The Seven Stars Foundation

February 7

1st Lt. Jared M. Landaker

Capt. Jennifer J. Harris

Cpl. Thomas E. Saba

Sgt. James R. Tijerina

HM1 Gilbert Minjares Jr.

Sgt. Travis D. Pfister

Manuel Antonio Ruiz

About Us

The Seven Stars Foundation, Inc. is an all-volunteer tax-exempt 501(c)3 corporation. We sponsor military children to YMCA camps around the country for a week at no charge to the families. The foundation was established on February 7, 2007 when the USMC Casevac helicopter flying with 7 crewmembers was shot down in Karmah, Iraq, killing all seven. Morphine One Two will always be remembered and honored with every military child we sponsor to camp.


The purpose of this Foundation is to make a positive impact on the children of military members which include the fallen, wounded, active, deployed, and reservists. We accomplish this mission by sponsoring the children to YMCA camps across the country for a week where they can establish lasting bonds with new friends. We also provide relief to military members through financial, emotional, and educational assistance.

Kids to Camp

The Seven Stars Foundation, Inc. has worked extremely hard since 2009 to get to where we wanted to be: sponsoring children of military members to YMCA Camps throughout the United States.

Our first year in 2009 we were excited to sponsored 16 children. Every year our sponsorship of military children has expanded in numbers and locations throughout the country. The children get to spend a week at summer camp where they get to forget about everything back at home and experience the outdoors, learn new things and bond with others that share the same circumstance with their parent(s) are fallen, wounded, active, reserve or deployed.

Our Poem

On the seventh of February,
Seven stars fell from grace.
And the angels cried for seven days,
When they saved you from this place.
The duality of perfection, has never been so clear,
Then on that tragic day,
When we lost what we hold dear.
I can still see your face, it is as clear as stone,
And I can feel your presence here, when I am alone.
If we could all be a little like you,
There would be nothing left for us.
For we would have everything, and
We would live for what we love.
You were a savior, for you saved so many lives.
And you were a martyr, because you defended until you died.
And you were a hero, because you did what we could not.
And you were a champion, and you will never be forgot.

By: Layne Clifton, Jared’s Cousin
In honor of the seven who died on Feb. 07, 2007 in Iraq

Board of Directors

Laura Landaker

Mother & President

Randall Clifton

Chairman of the Board

Matt Jackson

Board Member

Irene Morris

Board Member

Sean Killeen

Advisory Board Member

We Will Never Forget